About Me

Art is everywhere, from an abstract painting to a pompadour hair style. I take great joy in seeking that beauty in all that I see and do, which is why I’m passionate about my profession as a hair stylist.

Growing up in San Clemente, CA and traveling around the world exposed me to amazing music and art scenes. This inspired me to seek out a creative profession, and I soon realized that hair styling was a career that would allow me the freedom to be inventive. Nothing is more exciting than creating a look with a client and seeing an idea become a beautiful reality! 15 years of training and experience has allowed me the confidence to handle any hair style or technique-with an artistic eye.

I work out of Magnolia Salon in Costa Mesa, CA. I’m also available for weddings or personal appointments.

To be able to enjoy my profession is a wonderful gift! I hope I can share this gift with you.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love this web site, but of course I’m rather partial!! and I love all the pictures of you…

    The wedding you featured looked like everyone was having so much fun, even though this can be such a stressful day! The bride and all her wedding party looked absolutely gorgeous.. The name of this site is “Darling Bride” and that picture of her was not only darling, but so beautiful!

    I know I’ve always been one of your most worrisome clients with wanting my hair just perfect with all kinds of instructions on what to do and what not do. You always told me that I was one of your worse clients and I now realize I was. After all these years, it must be a joy for you that I can come in, close my eyes, relax and/or knit, and you know that know, my hair will be perfect in every way. I just relax and let you take control, which isn’t easy for me!.

    I never dreamed you would become such an artist with color, cutting, hairstyles and up-do’s! I still remember the day when you were twelve and you came home with bright orange hair! After that the colors seemed to change monthly and I was horrified! I guess I just didn’t realize how creative expression worked at such a young age. Remember our vacation to Lake Powell when you had that virbrant, turquoise blue hair and how all the little older ladies commented on it and how much they loved it? I was pretty embarrassed and kept telling them I wasn’t giving you enough attention, therefore the color blue!!

    I’ve probably embarrassed you honey, but I wanted to make the first comment in your updated web page.

    I love you.


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