The sexiest haircuts are simple ones

I’m so excited, I’m getting my haircut Monday! I thought I’d share my inspiration. Who doesn’t love classy bob, Lob, with or without bangs. To me it’s the most perfect haircut on any girl!

cheryl-cole-lobCelebs at Marc Jacobs Fashion Show Spring 2007gallery_big_Long-Bob-Haircut-with-bangse49caa1729302eae8bc38da0f4d3fae0tumblr_lfqpq1sSOF1qbn13ao1_50010a87b9bd8684587e4106e56140c6b0f


Maxine’s 1st birthday!

Today was a beautiful day and it was one of my best girlie, Janel Conlan of Focus Photo Inc.‘s daughter Maxine’s 1st Birthday.

My boyfriend Jason Richardson , is an artist. He did this for her birthday. It turned out so cute I had to share it!

More photos to come on Focus Photo Inc’s Blog />