We’re so inspired by this new rich hair color, Rose Brown!

SJP_orig_large-2new-ombre-hair-highlighting-ideas-440x660This color is to die for. Seriously, SJP has never looked so beautiful!

Let’s kick start the wedding season with a Wedding Special!

Alright ladies!

Carli Ann of the lash lounge and I are blending our talents here at Magnolia Salon, for the bridal season. Carli Ann has been written about in many magazines for her lash expertise and I love coming up with sexy new looks for brides. We are going to offer a bridal trial run (normally $95), Full set of lashes extensions ($175) and a brow shape ($25) for $150!!!

There will be a limited number of appointments we can take, so book your appointments now!


Congratulations Leslie!!

My friend and client, Leslie is marrying the love of her life, John in their beautiful and newly built home in Newport Beach, California. Leslie is a former model as you can tell, she’s gorgeous! We tried many different styles in the past few days. From beachy waves to Knots Landing, yikes! Here’s what we ended up with!

Congratulations Leslie and John!!!

I can’t wait to see the professional photos!

Check out this gorgeous couple!!

Wedding season has officially began!! This weekend started with one of my favorite couples, Bernie and Sue Feldman. They have became such great friends over the years, I’m so happy to be a witness to their family’s growth! They are so lucky to have two daughters getting married this year!!! Lol!!!
Yesterday was the first of the two in San Juan Capistrano at The Villa.

Check out how cute these two are!!!


Natural sun kissed color!

Hair color has taken a wonderful turn, we’re now doing so many of these bright blonds and sun-kissed brunettes. We’re not afraid to add a pinch of auburn to our colors to give a some depth and warmth. I believe we need to  channel our inner children! LOL! Kid’s just have the most amazing hair, no lacking in warmth or shine. It really makes us look younger to have more vibrant colors around our face.